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Reflective and Light Up Promotional Products

Bright Ideas Safety PromosOur reflective and LED promotional products, often referred to as 'promos', will make your business shine, while helping to promote safety. That's a win-win situation for everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: We are a Safety Site, not a "promo" site! Safety is first! If you are looking for lower end, cheap freebies to hand out, we may not be for you. However, if your goal is to make your recipients safer, welcome! You are in the right place. Our promos do NOT compromise on safety! We use high visibility reflective material - 3M, Reflexite, or a comparable generic - for all our products. Rest assured that those you hand your promos to will be SEEN and will be SAFER! We offer high quality silk screen printing for all your promotional needs!

Please call us at 877-232-5100 or email us at for more info, for a price quote, or to create a specific design or product you have in mind. We look forward to hearing from you! (100 pc minimum for most custom imprinting)

Safety LED Magnet - 500 pc min.
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $4.00, 500/$999.00, 5000/$8,749.00
Multi Purpose LED Pin & Clip
Regular price: $2.00
Sale price: $2.00, 250/$249.00, 1000/$699.00
Custom Imprinted Reflective Belt, choice of buckles and sizes, Minimum Quantity 100 pieces
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $8.99, 100/$599.00, 1000/$4,990.00
Quick Release Reflective Belt With Imprint 100 Pc Min
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $9.50, 100/$649.00, 1000/$5,999.00
Reflective PT Belt Velcro Closure with Imprint
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $11.00, 100/$799.00
Custom imprinted reflective slap bracelets (1000 pc Min)
Regular price: $3.09
Sale price: $2.99, 250/$499.00, 500/$695.00, 1000/$1,290.00
Reflective Arm Band with Custom Imprint (Minimum 100 pieces)
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $5.00, 100/$319.00, 250/$600.00, 500/$1,000.00, 1000/$1,500.00
Custom Reflective Legbands (min quantity 100 pcs)
Regular price: $5.50
Sale price: $4.00, 50/$174.50, 250/$597.00, 500/$999.00, 1000/$1,699.00, 2000/$3,300.00, 5000/$7,750.00
Reflective Yield Symbol with Imprint (100 pc min)
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $10.00, 100/$799.00, 500/$3,745.00
Reflective Stickers
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $10.00, 400/$556.00, 1000/$999.00
Reflective Keychains and Necklaces
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $10.00, 400/$299.00, 1000/$549.00, 2500/$1,125.00
2-LED Beetle Light with your Custom Logo!
Regular price: $4.00
Sale price: $4.00, 500/$1,249.00, 1000/$2,250.00, 2500/$5,000.00
Custom Imprinted LED armbands (500 pc minimum)
Regular price: $6.00
Sale price: $6.00, 500/$1,395.00, 2000/$5,000.00
Custom LED Belt/Sash MOQ 250
Regular price: $20.00
Sale price: $20.00, 100/$999.00
Fully Automatic  Umbrella, 42" Arc, with 360 Degree 1.5" Reflective Trim, with Imprint Option
Regular price: $12.99
Sale price: $10.99, 10/$79.99, 100/$550.00