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SALE! - Small 10 WATT 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Telescopic Tactical Flashlight NOW WITH BELT CLIP

SALE! - Small 10 WATT 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Telescopic Tactical Flashlight NOW WITH BELT CLIP
Item Number: ILLUMINATE-12

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A BESTSELLER, ON SALE NOW! This pocket-sized , though powerful, CREE LED 1000 Lumen 10 WATT tactical flashlight is perfect for police, other emergency personnel, or anyone out at night! It illuminates any area with super intensity. It is built from rock hard aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and has a net weight of only 94g. It measures 5"L x 1 1/4"W at the head.

It is retractable so that it can zoom in and focus on a small area with high intensity, illuminating an area many feet ahead. When it zooms out, it can spread light over a large area.

It has multiple modes: 100% light, 50% light, 30% light, rapid fire flash, and SOS flash to grab attention.

It comes with one rechargeable 18650 2200 MaH(lithium ion) battery which has a run time on hi -mode of 3-5 hours. The battery can last for 500 full cycles. A UL-listed wired A/C battery charger is included as well. The battery must be removed from the flashlight for charging. (Extra batteries and a car charger are available for sale, see Option bars above.)

Also included is a belt pouch, and a hard box for storage. The battery is overcharge protected, so even if you leave it in the charger for too long, it won't get ruined.


>Aluminum tactical flashlight


>10 WATT

>Retractable (zoom) lens

>Multi-function:hi/med/low/rapid flash/ slow flash

>1 rechargeable 2200 MaH battery

NOTE: It can also take the cheaper CR123A battery type, available elsewhere. It will need 2 such batteries.

> Battery can last for 500 full cycles

> UL listed wired A/C charger

> Belt Pouch

> Hard-box for storage

>Net Weight: 94G

>Measures 5"L x 1 1/4"W at the head.


>Range:1500 feet

>Run time:up to 5H on hi mode

>Material:Aluminum alloy 6061-T6

>Waterproof level:IP62 (Not for use in water)


> 2 year warranty


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What is the shaft diameter and length of this flash light need length from base of head to base?
A: Diameter is 1 1/4" at widest point (by the head) length is 5"
where is it made? usa?
A:It is imported from China
Does it come with a green light?
A:This light does not come with any colored lenses. 6/8/14
Interested in the 10 Watt 1000 lumen tactical flashlight. I want to mount it to a flashlight holder, then mount it to my shotgun. What is Diameter of the middle section of this flashlight. .70" .85 etc.?
A:Thanks for the question. The diameter of the middle section is 1"

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