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About Us

Thank you for taking a moment to read about us. We are real people - with a real story and a real mission. Today, we are a company that designs, imports and distributes hundreds of safety products, on both the wholesale and retail level. We have a full line of Made in USA products too, because we care about our country!

Now, just a bit of history.

We began selling night visibility gear in 2002 after a guest visiting our town (Lakewood, NJ) was fatally struck by a car one night.

The horrified driver said that he did not see the pedestrian at all. He hit him at full speed.
My husband hurried to a local pharmacy that carried reflector belts and bought them all.

With the help of dedicated friends, he made dozens of phone calls to get sponsors for safety ads, reflective belts, and anything that would help us promote our cause of night visibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

With the recent tragedy on everyone's mind and the low, subsidized price of $1 a piece, my husband sold every last belt in no time. This was the start of the Lakewood Reflector Program.

Some local businesses agreed to partially or fully sponsor the price of the belts in exchange for having their logos printed on the belt.

Top on our list was getting children and teenagers to wear reflective belts. We had different catchy posters hung up in local offices and community centers. One poster's headline was "Like father Like Son" with a picture of a Dad and son proudly wearing their belts.

We also started a contest where local first responders were asked to distribute gift certificates sponsored by local stores. The police officer or EMT would randomly hand out those certificates to pedestrians seen wearing a reflector belt.

Because many of our local private schools have an extended school day, in the winter months some of the older students are dismissed after dark. We went to these schools and gave out free reflective belts sponsored by the local businesses mentioned above. We spoke to them about being safe and being seen when walking home from school or when alighting from the bus. We also stressed to the school teachers the importance of teaching by example, and included enough free reflective belts for them also.

While we were doing all this, we were also ordering reflective material and belts from many manufacturers, testing and comparing quality and prices until we found what we believe is the very best reflective material on the market. We then designed our now top selling reflective belt(RB1).

We sold and distributed tens of thousands of reflective belts in our town and one driving it's streets will see many pedestrians and cyclists wearing them.

In 2004, I already had two children. I was in nursing school, and was working nights and weekends in a local pediatrician's office and doing some freelance graphics. I dropped out of school, and with familial support, worked on starting a small business from our reflector program. We expanded our line of products and opened as an LLC. We named it Bright Ideas USA LLC (Get it?). We opened our website at that point, naming it In 2007, we renamed our site .

I put full energy into Bright Ideas, with our main goal always being to help more and more people be safely seen at night. We do this by constantly expanding our product line with high quality products that you can rely on for visibility and durability at an affordable price.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Deena Leiman

Some neat things to consider about us and our products:

-We care about your safety, so we put our products through numerous tests that prove them to be top quality products with visibility you can rely on! -Bright Ideas is an SBE (small business enterprise) -We use mostly “Reflexite” and “3M” reflective material. -We have a full line of Made in USA products. -We give a 1-year consumer guarantee on all apparel.