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Construction Grade Reflective Pavement Marking Tape 50 Yd Rolls

Reflective Pavement  Marking Tape 50 Yd Rolls
Item Number: SFPMT-C-2

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This construction grade or heavy duty reflective pavement marking tape helps to direct traffic, it's also used for marking driveways and parking lots.

It can be applied by hand, for instant road reflecting markings and boundaries.

There’s no waiting for paint to dry, and no mess to clean. And you have instant added visibility and safety while working at night.

This reflective pavement marking tape is available in construction grade and heavy duty wet strength. It comes in yellow and white, the colors recognized for caution alert.

Reflective Pavement Marking Tape

Available in:

Construction Grade

Heavy Duty Grade



Reflective Pavement  Marking Tape 50 Yd Rolls

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I'm in Missouri and I was just wondering how your construction parking lot tape will hold up in the winter.
A:The pavement marking tape is for temporary use only. It would depend on how severe the winter weather is and how long it has been down.

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