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Best Seller! 6 Watt Super Bright USB Rechargeable Headlight/Flashlight

Best Seller!  6 Watt  Super Bright USB Rechargeable Headlight/Flashlight
Item Number: 222A

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ON SALE NOW! This is one SUPER BRIGHT bike headlight! At 6 watts, this USB rechargeable bicycle headlight offers unbelievable illumination! Compact and lightweight for extra benefit. Don't be fooled by its small size. It's super bright! User feedback on this light has been great! This headlight has four power options: 100%, 70%, 50%, or 25%. You can also choose between steady and flash modes. Steady mode illuminates the road, flash mode grabs attention of motorists, peds, and other cyclists, while conserving battery power! Tools-free mount, included! USB cord included. Light has a low battery indicator, so you know when you are running low. No need to ever change your batteries! Charge it up, and off you go! Can't go wrong here!

This powerful piece can serve as a super-bright flashlight as well.


Light size:105.2x35.5x37mm

Bracket size: 22.2~31.8mm

Waterproof: IP44

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How does the the low battery indicator work? when i'm charging it, how do I know that the bike light is fully charged?
A:This is a relatively new light. If Im not mistaken, a low battery is indicated by a Red light under the On/Off button. When it is charged, it will appear green. Or, while it charges, it appears green, when complete, no light appears I am not sure about this point. It is a great light. I use it personally when out at night, and I charge it too, but Im unsure of that last point. 12/5/17
i just saw that it is imported, I am looking for a USA made head light with at least 700 lumens besides the mega bright Cree light
A:Sorry, we do not carry any US made bicycle lights. It is very hard to find a US made bicycle light. All the major brands have them made overseas. We used to have one - but they now stopped making the bike mount and it is just a clip on light for pedestrians.
i am interested in this light what is the lumens at 100% ?
A:This is a very bright light - one of the best rechargeable lights we ever had. We have never had it tested in the US for how many lumens it is so we can't guarantee that it is 6 W or know exactly how many lumens it is according to USA standards. If you do not like it we do accept returns.

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