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Fluorescent Bike Flag with 6' Pole

9" x 11"  Fluorescent Bike Flag with 6' Pole
Item Number: SFBF-6

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This flourescent bike flag, weather resistant and durable, flying high on its 6’ fiberglass pole, will make you visible and alert others to your presence. It is great for wheelchairs as well!

For those riding in the early morning hours, when the sun is rising, or late afternoon hours, as the sun is setting, there is even more of a need for this fluorescent bike flag.

Motorists will be alerted to your presence, therefore keeping you safe on your journey.

The triangular flag measures 9” x 11” and comes with a bicycle mounting bracket and a 6'x1/4" fiberglass pole. This fluorescent flag is suitable for safety on ATV’s and tractors as well.

Made in USA!

-9" X 11" Fluorescent Bike Flag

-1/4" x 6' Fiberglass Pole Included

-Mounting Bracket Included

Made in USA!

9" x 11"  Fluorescent Bike Flag with 6' Pole

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What does the mounting bracket on the orange pennant flag work? Is it made for a bike axle and assumes there will be a nut that can screw over the bracket? If so this may not work with the axle on our trike.
A:The bike bracket does not come with a nut. You use the nut on the axle of the bike to attach the bracket. Unscrew the nut and place the bracket in position and then tighten the nut back to the axle.
I wanted to verify that item# SFBF-6 has no writing on the actual flag. We've had quite a few orders lately (from other co) that show up with writing on the flag & we need it plain.
A:No it does not have any writing on it.
Is this a 6' pole or two 3' poles that connect to make 6'?
A:It is a 1/4" x 6' fiberglass pole.

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