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Brite Strike Personal Alarm with Flashing Lights

Brite Strike Personal Alarm with Flashing Lights
Item Number: Brite-Strike-Alarm

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Worried about your safety? Fear no longer! This personal safety alarm, designed by police officers, is sure to scare off any would-be attacker. It is ideal for child, teenager, or adult. It has a stylish pink body and design and fits perfectly in your pocketbook or around your neck with a breakaway lanyard. Just pull on the metal string, and a shrill 120db alarm will sound. It's loud and unique sound will send the bad guy running and alert all those nearby that you need help, and quick! In addition, when you sound the alarm, 2 red lights on either side of the device begin to flash, so people can see where the alarm is sounding from. Plug back in the metal chain, and the alarm will stop.

Besides the alarm function, there is also a switch which allows you to turn on a white LED light should you need to find your keys in the dark etc. You also have the option to activate the red flashing lights without sounding the alarm. This great device, while tiny in size (2 3/4"x1 1/4"x3/4"), sure offers a lot of functions!

Batteries are included.


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What type of batteries does this unit use?
A:A long lasting A23 battery 12V Battery (Included).

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