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OUT OF STOCK 16 LED Road Flare &/or Car Roadside Emergency Safety Light

Magnetic  16 LED Road Flare & Multi Mode Car Distress Light
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OUT OF STOCK (This great product is meant as a reusable road flare as well, see below) What do you do if you break down on the highway? First thing, Put on your hazards. But what if they don't work because your battery has died! Here's one solution. This 16 LED multi mode emergency car distress light with a magnetic backing is a MUST for every vehicle. In case of an Emergency or Breakdown, you can easily attach it to your car with its powerful magnet to alert others and to protect yourself and your loved ones from passing vehicular traffic. Remember, when your car battery dies, even your hazard flashers will not work. This 16 LED magnet light will help you be seen so no-one will ram in to you while you await help. It will also alert others that you need assistance.

The rechargeable model for an additional $5(currently out of stock except for bulk orders)is really great so you never need to worry about replacing the batteries.The last thing you want in an emergency is to realize your batteries are out! It comes with an AC charger, a DC charger, and a USB plug, so you can charge it anywhere!

All models are compact and highly visible. The super strong plastic body is fully waterproof and will even float if placed in water. It is protected by a rubber casing so it will not break or damage if it falls onto the pavement. We actually dropped it onto the concrete from a height of approximately 4 feet during our testing and the light just kept on flashing!We even ran it over with our car 2 times, and it just kept on flashing!

The strong magnet will not damage your vehicle's surface. The light has eight flash modes and includes a flashlight (steady) mode. The battery, which is included, can be stored for several years before needing to be replaced.

Tired of wasting money on traditional fire flares? This product is also great for use by first responders or stranded motorists as VERY durable, inexpensive, reusable roadflares, instead of traditional fire flares. These are safe and non-flammable! With a battery shelf life of 10 years, they are far less expensive. As we wrote above, we ran it over with a car 2 times, and it just kept on flashing!


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What kind of batteries does it use and how long will it operate on new batteries?
A:The batteries are not replaceable but it will last for many hours. - We are out of the rechargeable one.
Is this light waterproof?
A:Yes it is waterproof and the light will float on water.

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