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JOGALITE - Vests & Accessories

Some of the world's best selling safety vests & accessories for runners, cyclists, thriathletes and ultramarathoners are made by Jogalite, a USA company! PLEASE NOTE - Jogalite items can take up to 6 days to ship out (depending on when the order is placed). If you would like a more exact shipping date, please call us at 877 232 5100 or email us at Made in USA JOGALITE uses REFLEXITE® Retroreflective Technology on most of its products. Here's why: -Superior abrasion resistance -Excellent washability -Reflects color in night AND day -Reflective in virtually any weather -Reflective when wet -800’ to 1000’ visibility How REFLEXITE works: One square inch of Reflexite contains a complex array of 47,000 cube corner prisms. Each prism returns light back to its source, and permits a wide angle of refraction. Learn more about REFLEXITE® microprism technology at