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14" Aluminum Stop/Stop or Stop/Slow Sign

14" Aluminum  Stop/Stop or Stop/Slow  Sign
Item Number: SFST-SL14A

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These hand held traffic signs, your choice of Stop/Stop or Stop/Slow, are great for directing traffic.

They are light weight and almost effortless to hold, therefore making it easier to direct traffic.

These octagonal traffic signs are made in the USA! They are durable, weatherproof, corrosion resistant, and include 10 handles to assist you in directing traffic easily.

Also, due to their similarity to regular street signs, these signs are easily spotted by drivers. Therefore, they are obeyed as such, resulting in a smooth traffic flow, protecting the safety of pedestrians and keeping the workers and the work site safe.

Paddle signs are easy to store - just slide them against any wall or into any slot and they are out of the way.

Made in USA!







-corrosion resistant

-10" wood handle included

14" Aluminum  Stop/Stop or Stop/Slow  Sign

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