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Cyflect Reflective & Glow in the Dark PT Belt

Cyflect Reflective & Glow in the Dark PT Belt
Item Number: C9-3012509

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A must see! Get the WOW reaction! The Cyflect Reflective & Glow in the Dark Safety PT Belt Glows in the dark and Reflects in the light. Visible up to 1 mile! It measures 2" x 54" and can adjust to as small as 29" with the sliding D-ring adjuster. Besides reflecting light comparable to other reflective products on the market,it also glows in the dark in one of six different colors. The glow can last up to 1 hour, and can be "recharged" (no batteries in this belt) using virtually any light source, in just 10 seconds. This means that the PT Belt worn by a walker, runner or bike rider is constantly being recharged by the headlights of passing traffic. It works when wet too! This is a great safety product for anyone out at night or in any dark area, including pedestrians, runners, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and construction workers. This is great for the military as well, since you can color code different elements of a unit or the leaders so you can be easily identified on a dark flight line or as a group on a morning run. This is also great for those out running before dawn or after dusk. How about a different color belt for each member of your group so you can easily identify who's who? Uses a "hook and loop" closure.

The white is the brightest, followed by Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue, listed in descending order.


Made in USA! Not ANSI compliant.

-Highly reflective

-Glow in the Dark can last up to 1 hr (recharge in any light for 10 seconds)

- Reflective belt is visible from 1 mile away

-Size adjusts from 19" - 54"

-2" wide

-"Hook & Closure" closure

Cyflect Reflective & Glow in the Dark PT Belt

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